Hello everybody and thank you for the patience waiting for this newsletter! This has been exiting months for Street-angels, and with our new leader in Salvador, Vania Dos Santos Andrade, I can only be very proud! She is taking care of everything in a delicate way, from all the little details, day to day, till the big meetings with new- planned competence we want into the project, potensials donors of school- material and food and lately; a meeting with “Conder” and the board from “Avante” that are planning to make our neighborhood a better place the next years. The meetings with this two last mentioned is especially interesting because of all projects in Pirajà, “Conder” are going to pick a project they will help in the future with both money and land. “Avante” decided yesterday to support Street-angels with 400 euro to get started our mosaic- classes. We then have 7-9 months to make a work that will show if we qualify to be the project getting help from “Conder” in 2012! Amazing!

Our dance and theater-room is not finished yet, we see that it will take a little longer then first expected. Yet they have started using to room for activities and watch a film together after some really nice weeks. In the end of next week the dance-room will be ready and what a luck! The month of June, have given Street- Angels access to a lot of talented people who wants to help by sharing their knowledge with the children, for free! This people are interested in giving lessons in sports, music, cutting hair and making mosaic, so this has opened many doors for us.

Our children and youths love it of course, and one of our oldest boys has been offered a free course in hair- cutting that will give him the title of a professional hairdresser when it is time for him to take care of himself as an adult.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week all our 60 children and our teachers are going to a circus for the FIRST TIME IN LIFE!  Can you imagine how exited they are!! Last week they even got a guided tour in Pirajà, learning about the amazing story from the past, when African slaves together with the Indians of Salvador fought the Portuguese army for the liberty of Bahia, and won, right there in Pirajà! They learned about the river there that has always been extremely important to the habitants of Pirajà, and in the end of the day they were organized to go in groups and collect garbage in plastic- bags and by that do a favor for the community. Hopefully we did something with them that day that will increase their feeling of value for their bairro. And it seems like it actually did!

The rain- season is over Salvador again and we hope and pray that all the houses will get through it. We are looking forward to the rest of this year. This project is increasing in a very positive direction and to share with you some of our plans we are going to go for collecting money to be safe for the next five years. In this plan we also have included a nice growing number of children. We are putting in even more competence, and believe in the progress that we are in. Please, talk with your friends, your children, your neighbors, about this wonderful job our stab is doing in Salvador for 60 poor children and their families, and ask if they could be willing to do something to support them. We are very thankful for your help and we wish you all a fantastic summer- time!

Gateengler jobber med forebyggende arbeid i slummen i Brasil